This film is specially developed which can be applied on the exterior surface of the glass and having a scratch resistant coating which can withstand exterior climatic conditions without disturbing the clarity of laminate. This film is coated with a micro-thin, partially transparent layer of metal and having a mirror-like finish. It prevents visibility from outside (area of greater light intensity) during the day and vice-versa during the night. This film has a pleasant shade and total solar energy rejection is on the higher side.



Garware Suncontrol offers a complete line-up of architectural window film products to serve a wide range of consumer and commercial needs. These films include our Suncontrol, Safety & Security and Privacy series of products. Architectural window films are often referred to as “flat glass” films because they are designed for installation on flat panes of residential and commercial glass

Garware Suncontrol film is available in different shades and in a range of light transmission levels thus providing energy saving and also enhancing the beauty of the room.It has range of films catering to different requirements and segments which are widely used for Residential purpose, Corporate Offices, Banks, Shopping Malls, and Hospitals.

Type Of Films

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