As the name states, these non-reflective films offer extremely faster installations, to assure immediate customer satisfaction.


Inter Non Reflective Film NR Grey

Inter Non Reflective Film NR Charcoal

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Inter Non Reflective Film Black


Garware suncontrol window films can be applied on the glasses of any automobile. The prime benefit of Garware Suncontrol auto films is to reduce the heat generated by the rays of the sun falling on the automobile

The special feature of auto films is that they reduce heat and cut glare without making any compromise on the driving conditions. They provide additional safety and enhance the privacy of the inhabitants in the car. Various types and colours of the film, boost the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Special high performance films developed for the front wind screen of the automobiles have been a milestone in the Suncontrol industry.

Type Of Films

General Solar Terms

  • Solar Energy Spectrum : Solar Energy is typically divided into three categories, namely – Ultra-violet (3%), Visible (44%) & Infrared (53%).
  • Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) : is the ratio of visible solar energy that passes through a glazing system to the total visible energy falling on the system. Higher the VLT more is the light inside the room.
  • Solar Energy Transmittance : is the measurement of the percentage of solar radiation that passes directly through a glazing system.
  • Solar Energy Reflectance : is the measurement of the percentage of solar radiation reflected by the glazing system.
  • Solar Energy Absorption : measurements express the percentage of solar radiation absorbed by the glazing system.
  • Total Solar Energy : is the sum of energy transmitted, reflected and absorbed by the system. It represents 100% of the solar energy.
  • Ultra-violet Transmittance : is the measurement of the percentage of solar radiation in the ultra-violet region that passes directly through the glazing system.
  • Glare Reduction : is a measurement of the reduction in visible light transmission after applying the film to the system as compared to the visible light transmission earlier. (It is represented in%).
  • Solar Heat Gain : is the sum of percentage of solar energy that is either transmitted or absorbed and then re-radiated into the room.
  • Shading Co-efficient: is the ratio of solar heat gain through a given glazing system to that of a clear float glass of 1/8 inch (approx. 3mm) thickness under the same test conditions. Lower the shading co-efficient, better is the ability to reduce solar heat.
  • Emissivity :  measures the surface ability to absorb or reflect Far Infrared Radiation. Lower the emissivity rating, better the insulating quality of the material.
  • ‘U’ Factor : is the overall heat transfer co-efficient of the glazing system. It is the amount of conductive heat energy (BTUs) transferred through one square foot of the glazing system during one hour time period for each one degree Fahrenheit temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air. Lower the U-factor, better is the insulating quality of the material.
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) : is an important measurement of the ability of a glazing system to reject solar heat in form of the visible light and infrared radiation. Total SER equals solar reflectance plus the part of solar absorption re-radiated outward. Glazing System comprises of the window frame, glazing materials, film applied and the glass itself. Thickness of the polyester film is represented in MIL where 1 MIL represents a thickness of 25 microns.

Designed with super shrink & Anti-static property for easv installation

Non-Reflective Films are normal tinted films, which primarily cut the heat. Super shrink & Anti-static qualities help in easy installation.


  • Additional Safety: Garware Suncontrol Window Films when bonded on Glass makes your Glass shatter-resistant. This greatly reduces the danger from flying splinters in the event of an accidental breakage.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency: Garware Suncontrol Window Films reduce the load on Air-conditioner by rejecting upto 78% of Total Solar Energy incident on the glass and as a result, also reduce electricity bill upto 10%.
  • Provide Privacy: Garware Suncontrol Window Films shield interiors and occupants from prying eyes (depending on light intensity), thereby providing privacy in their offices and homes.
  • Enhances Aesthetics: Garware Suncontrol Window Films are available in a variety of shades, which add beauty and enhance the looks of your Building.
  • Eliminates Glare: Garware Suncontrol Window Films add to your comfort by eliminating upto 80% of the Sun glare.
  • Rejects Harmful UV & IR Rays: Garware Suncontrol Window Films protect your family from skin diseases by blocking 99% UV rays.

Garware Polyester Ltd. is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of Suncontrol Film tor application in Automobile and Building under the prominent brand ‘Garware Suncontrol’ and ‘Global’. Garware Polyester Ltd. is the only manufacturer of Suncontrol Film across Asia. We are among the two companies in the world to have patented the manufacturing of the base polyester film. All Garware Films are dyed and not coated, thereby ensuring better performance and longevity.

Garware Suncontrol Films are widely used in Buildings, Safety, Decorative applications and Automobiles. Since inception we have set pioneering standards in polyester film technology A vertically integrated,state-of-the-art plant with IS0:9001:2008 accreditation is dedicated to provide uncompromising solutions in technology and quality to its vast customer base that spans the globe.

About Us

  • Pioneered manufacturer of Polyester Films in India since 1975
  • IS0:9001:2008 certified.
  • Technology patented in 14 countries including USA.
  • Offices in US and UK with exports to more than 80 countries.
  • Enduring partnerships with more than 200 multinational clients.
  • Pioneered ‘Safety & Sequrity Films’in India.

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