Decorative Films offer wide scope for creating different environments and desired ambience for home and office interiors. They are available in multiple colors and unique designs.
Privacy films once applied to plain glass give you maximum privacy. These films provide privacy from unwanted preying eyes, also enhance aesthetics and provides additional safety.


  • Glass in Lobby area at Hotels, Corporate offices
  • Cabin Doors & Partitions at Corporate offices, Medical Labs
  • Malls & Office Toilet Partitions
  • Movable / Fixed Glass Partition at Corporate Offices,Showrooms
  • Shower Cubicles at Hotels & Hospitals
  • Balustrade Glass at IHB, Hotels


  • Improves Ambience & Aesthetics
  • Provides partial privacy
  • Substitute to Designer Glass
  • Decorative designs possible


  • Cabin Doors
  • Partition Glass
  • Lobby Area Curtain Glass
  • Toilet Partition/Windows
  • Shower Cubicles
  • Hand Railing Glass
  • Spandrel Column Glass


Ind Designer Privacy Films Ice


Garware manufactures variety of films for architectural applications only. The nature of application varies from Suncontrol, Safety & Security to Privacy and aesthetics films. Garware claims to have an ideal film for any glass trait.USP of these films is that they tend to give custom look to any glass surface.

Suncontrol film while economical than its conventional counterpart are available in different shades and in a range of light transmission levels thus enhancing the elegance and beauty of the room. These benefits make Garware Energy Saving Suncontrol Window Films an ideal option to enhance safety and aesthetics in Residential & Commercial projects.It has range of films catering to different requirements and segments which are widely used for Residential purpose, Corporate Offices, Banks, ATM’s ,Shopping Malls, IT Companies, Hospitals etc.

Garware Suncontrol window film is applied to inside of Glass Window. Its function is to reduce solar heat gain, UV light & glare, that normally would enter through the window. The film also reduces heat loss through the window to the outside in cold months. In addition our film provides shatter resistance.

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