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Benefits of Garware SunControl

Benefits of Garware Suncontrol Films
Whether it’s a home, automobile or an office, Garware suncontrol window films offer you a lot of compelling advantages. Here are some of the benefits.

Save on energy
Garware Suncontrol films blocks out as much as 75% of solar energy, keeps your interiors cool. Thereby reducing your air-conditioning costs.

More light, less heat
You donít need to have extremely dark windows to keep the heat out, forcing you to work in artificial light. Garware Suncontrol films superior technology lets light in, while keeping the heat out.

Less radiation
Natural sunlight contains ultraviolet rays (UV), have a disastrous effect on your upholstery. Garware Suncontrol films blocks up to 99% of UV rays, which prevents your expensive upholstery or curtains from fading. There’s also a health benefit: the film prevents excessive exposure to UV rays, which can cause skin cancer, premature aging of the skin and eye damage.

Keep glare out
While there’s nothing like sunlight to keep interiors well-lit and looking great, the challenge is to keep the glare out. Garware Suncontrol films cut out as much as 80% of the glare so that you get the benefit of natural light without straining your eyes.

Aesthetically appealing
Garware Suncontrol films come in range of shades / finishes which enhance the aesthetic appeal of your automobile or building.

Protect privacy
Garware Suncontrol films are designed to provide customers with maximum privacy. They act as shield against prying eyes when you are in your car, office or home.

Garware suncontrol films are scratch resistant, due to which there is no damage done to the film during normal handing or cleaning of the glass.

Garware Suncontrol films are technologically superior and hence cheaper than conventional tinted glasses. They are easy to install and donot need any special maintenance.

Provides Safety
There’s nothing more dangerous than flying shards of glass, which often cause the most damage during earthquakes, riots, collisions etc. Garware Suncontrol films not only resist breakage, they also hold the pieces together whenever glass panes break, thereby minimizing damage to life and property.

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