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Defendo Films

Blocks UV Rays : Garware Suncontrol Defendo blocks 99% of UV rays that are proven to be harmful to human.

Cuts Glare : Garware Suncontrol Defendo  substantially reduces the entry of sun glare through the glass & thus protects your eyes from the harmful effect of Sun Glare.

Energy Conservation : Garware Suncontrol Defendo  reduces solar heat transmission through the glass, thereby helping energy conservation.

Provides Clearer Vision at Night  : Garware Suncontrol Defendo provides improved outward vision at night as compared with other window films.

Ecology Conservation :  Garware Suncontrol Defendo is a green film  by virtue of being  an  Ecofriendly  ‘Polyester Film‘ window film and is a health guard.

Salient Features :

Garware Suncontrol Defendo window film has the unique property of reducing the intensity of Electromagnetic Waves. Garware Suncontrol Defendo Window film is based on international technology ,with strong ‘Dry Adhesives‘ for better bonding with the glass surface & ease of application.

It also comes with a warranty of 5 Years & is available in Charcoal Shade with 15%, 25% and 45% Visible Light Transmission.

Brochure :

Defendo Front CTC
Defendo Back CTC

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